Interview with Guillaume BIOLLAY

After a career as a communicator between Paris, Lyon and Montreal, Guillaume Biollay made his first steps in the audiovisual world in 2014, where he held the positions of product manager and then copywriter in a content creation agency. Between commercials and corporate films, Guillaume writes, produces and co-produces “very” inspirational short travel films (Guatemala, Ivory Coast, Norway, …). These clips and poetic montages have earned him 2 awards: Winner of the “Made in Corporate” Festival in Deauville (2016) and the “Empreintes Prize”, awarded by the Association of Communication Consulting Agencies (2020). Guillaume Biollay is for the first year a juror of the “Pour Faire Court” festival.

Guillaume, why did you accept to be a member of the jury of the Pour Faire Court festival? 

First of all to satisfy my curiosity for new experiences and because I am very honoured by this invitation.

What is your relationship with cinema? 

To say that I am an all-time cinephile or, conversely, that I am indifferent to cinema would be lying to you. I simply love cinema without worshipping it. 

An example of an outstanding experience?

An unusual shooting in Viking lands (Cf: Article from the Ours magazine attached here) 

What do you think of the festival theme for this 4th edition? 

Escape or what else? With almost a year of world immobility and deprivation of great journeys, this theme is obvious. A warming choice. 

What are your passions in life? 

Literature, especially French literature, philosophy, walking and the art of eloquence. 

What can we wish you for 2021? 

Simply to continue on my little path, which is enough to keep me happy. However, you can tell me “break a leg” about the “Com-Ent 2021” prize, where we are entering a film shot in Norway.