To have a chance to participate to our Pour Faire Court film festival, please send your application form on Hello Asso, and click on the “Send My Short-film” button.

A 5€ participation fee will be required. You will have the possibility to send your short film until February 10th, 2023

Your application form should contain : 

  • ▪️ The enrolment form 
  • ▪️ A copy of the short-film(s), through WeTransfer*
  • ▪️ The 5€ fee 
  • ▪️ Information concerning the short-film(s) : title, casting, duration, format, date of direction or production
  • ▪️ A signed copy of the rules to follow 

*You can send up to 3 short-films. Only one of them will have the possibility to be chosen by the artistic direction. 

Your short-film must comply with the theme, duration and language indicated earlier. 



Durée comprise entre 5 et 20 minutes / The film should last between 5 and 20 minutes


Si votre film n’est pas en français, une version sous-titrée vous sera demandée (français et/ou anglais) / If the film is in a foreign language, please add subtitles in French or English


Votre court-métrage doit respecter le thème “Rembobinez !” / Your short-film should respect the following theme: “Rewind !”


Submit your short-film

You can also submit your artwork on the following platform :